Welcome to KABERLE/NOVÁK Hockey Camp

Led by the former World Champions, now professional coaches, the Hockey Camp Kaberle/Novak offers the improvements and developments of your hockey skills.

Hockey Camp 2018:

  • July 8 – July 14 2018

Our main goal is to show you which way to go to achieve a successful career.

  • Two Training Sessions A Day
  • Off-ice Training Sessions
  • Tactics and Theory
  • Strength Training
  • Goalie Training
  • Recuperation. Swimming Three Times a Week

This is the path professional hockey players follow everyday, and our school enables you to set out on. Besides learning these skills, your participation is a great opportunity to improve language knowledge and to get in touch with the players from Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Poland and other countries.

The success of Hockey Camp Kaberle/Novak is based on the goal-directed work of all professional coaches and former World Champions. They are eager to hand over their experience as both players and coaches to all of you who are keen on this great game.


After the excellent experience of the last camps both in terms of accommodation and meals we continue with the four-star Hotel Continental. Another important factor is the distance from the Hotel Continental **** winter stadium and other sports facilities (pool, gym, playground). Within 5 minutes walk you comfortably in place.

Parents and escorts accompanying the camp participants have the opportunity to live with them at the Continental **** at reasonable prices.